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Possible Stone Creek Committees

Hello Again! 

We talked multiple times throughout the annual meeting in November about creating some committees to handle some HOA tasks - such as a grounds committee, budget committee, or clubhouse committee.  As the neighborhood grows, it gets more and more difficult for Joe and I to see, know about, and handle all of the tasks that are needed.  Any help people in the neighborhood are willing to give is appreciated.  I know many of you are looking for things to do and will jump at this opportunity.  But, there are also some people that have no interest in committees and I get that too. 

Since that meeting, some of you have expressed interest in helping out.  Thank you!!!  Click here to view a list of potential committees. I have tried to include everyone who has contacted me.  I apologize if I don’t have you down, but please let me know if there is something you are interested in helping out with.  Remember, we don’t intend these to be labor intensive positions!  Once we know who wants to be included in what, we can set up times for everyone to meet.   

The bottom of the page also lists the contact people for the different neighborhood groups.  These are the ones who handle coordinating and contacting people for those functions.  I’m not even sure it has the most up to date information, so please pass along any updates you may have.        

Also, click here to see the breakdown of the Pine Creek Building and Grounds Committee again only as an example of what we could have in the future.  This is not what I am currently proposing, it’s just a guideline we can use for the future.  And it can help up define different roles, since they have already figured it all out!  There are 13 people on that committee, each one playing a small role in the HOA responsibilities.  That way it doesn’t take up a large amount of time for each person and it doesn’t feel like a job!   This is just one of many committees that Pine Creek has.  The other committees are Book Club, Clubhouse, Clubhouse Scheduling, Email/Phone Tree, Community Garden, Finance, Hospitality, Insurance, Library, Marketing, Newsletter, Public Health, Social, and Welcome.  We don’t need all of these, but it gives you an idea of what the possibilities are if you see something that interests you. 

Thank you,


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